Building a Better Bond is hosted by journalist Rupert Carmichael and his very special guest George Lazenby.

Rupert Carmichael

Offered both the opportunity of a lifetime and the biggest break of his burgeoning career, Rupert Carmichael sits down with the greatest Bond of all time. As the only American reporter of the BBC, Rupert has the uphill battle of jumpstarting not only his career, but a possibly major podcast network. It's quite the challenge—luckily his special guest laughs in the face of danger.

George Lazenby

Charm, talent, gravitas—George Lazenby truly has it all. Widely regarded as “The Best Bond,” the model-turned-actor only needed one film to prove his worth, and his place, in the 007 hall of fame. Lazenby used the “Four Ts” technique to craft his own version of the Bond character and utilizes his skills to examine his counterparts. Three parts teacher and one part student of his own teachings, George Lazenby is a veritable tour de force of Bond knowledge and know-how.